FDA-approved small-molecule kinase inhibitors


Peng Wu, Thomas E. Nielsen, and Mads H. Clausen. 7/2015. “FDA-approved small-molecule kinase inhibitors.” Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 36, 7, Pp. 422-439. Publisher's Version


Kinases have emerged as one of the most intensively pursued targets in current pharmacological research, especially for cancer, due to their critical roles in cellular signaling. To date, the US FDA has approved 28 small-molecule kinase inhibitors, half of which were approved in the past 3 years. While the clinical data of these approved molecules are widely presented and structure–activity relationship (SAR) has been reported for individual molecules, an updated review that analyzes all approved molecules and summarizes current achievements and trends in the field has yet to be found. Here we present all approved small-molecule kinase inhibitors with an emphasis on binding mechanism and structural features, summarize current challenges, and discuss future directions in this field.

Last updated on 03/20/2017